Living At The Top: Meet Co-Founder Ryan Lillard

Full name: Ryan Lillard
Age: 25
Title/company: Co-Founder, At The Top

You founded At The Top alongside Allen last year, but “At The Top” has been a mindset you two have lived by for a while now. What’s the story? 
Allen and I became best friends after being teammates in school and club sports. In high school, we were both determined to play sports collegiately, and At The Top originally started as a mantra we’d use to push each other on and off the field/court to stay motivated. I guess you could say pushing each other to reach goals has sort of been the foundation for our entire friendship. When Allen went to Iowa State to play football and I went to Arizona State to play baseball, we stayed connected through our focus on sports and our support for one another.

Fast forward to when COVID-19 happened and a lot of the world slowed down, Allen and I found ourselves talking about At The Top again, a lot. Our “what if” conversations turned into “let’s make this happen” conversations and the rest was history. We’re still a young brand, but I’m passionate about this community and everything it stands for. I think we have something really special, and I’m excited to continue shaping our journey alongside our followers and friends. 

What has personally shaped your own At The Top mindset? Does it look different today than it once did? 
My At The Top mindset has definitely evolved over the years as I continue to learn and grow as a person. When At The Top first originated when Allen and I were in high school, the focus on my mindset was primarily geared towards my development as a student athlete and accomplishing my goals on the baseball field. As time has progressed, my focus has now shifted into providing value to others and making a positive impact on their lives. I’ve learned that by focusing on this, I also maximize my personal development.

What does a typical day look like for you right now?  
Allen and I just relocated to Las Vegas for his off-season, and since he’s not as tied up with practice/film/training, we have a lot more flexibility to focus on At The Top. In just the last few weeks we’ve been head down on setting goals for the upcoming quarter and strategizing new ways we can not only support the community we’ve built, but continue to grow.